Our Services

Our services help you deploy your potential across borders – it’s scale of your ideas and understanding with peers that matters!

We know it’s quite a challenge to spread your word and get your message across the world. But with the right team and people sharing your beliefs it all comes natural and easy. You get assistance just for what you need professional help and focus on the tasks you are strong at.

Our assets are built on the basis of the longterm experience and expertise of our core team. Thus we presently possess essential know-how and technology that help us handle multilingual content management, data extraction, terminology and translation memory setup and use. We work in a highly challenging international framework and are glad we can offer the following highly profiled services to our clients:

General & Technical Translations

Quality and proper contextual understanding is critical about technical translations. It’s vital to be literal and complete and make sure there is no distortion of the source . Omniage manages this by means of closed quality control cycle including back translations and third party review that makes sure no ambiguities are left and the target audience can use the localized content without slightest concern.

Software localization

Extending your global reach is challenging – and when it comes to software, application quality and tight release deadlines add to the complexity. Omniage’s software localization experts work with you from the beginning, to help define and drive development, then perform UI translation, engineering, and testing for Eastern European languages. The result? A streamlined process that speeds time to market and ensures global interoperability of your software.

Website, Multimedia, App and Game Localization

The global reach of more and more industries and brands today eliminates all the barriers on international scale. The challenge? Omniage managed to see through this and saw an opportunity. Our web and technical translations ensure international scalability and consistent messaging across all cultures and groups. Various technologies are used in our translations, for example SEO Web translation, terminology referencing, keyword translation and more. Our team is dedicated on making the impact of your product as big as possible and thus help you build a solid vision of it.

Life Sciences and Medical Translations

Translating critical medical documents requires a very specialized skill set. Omniage has a dedicated team of subject matter experts who specialize in translation services for the life sciences industry. With support for more than 15 languages and a network of over 100 qualified translators, we are able to scale programs worldwide. And, our innovative global technology solutions give you medical translation and localization services that are both efficient and cost effective.


If you want to differentiate your global brand and elaborate it in such a way that it makes a statement, your campaigns require much more than mere translation. Transcreation services take the risk out of multicultural messaging. The creative local experts working within the Omniage team possess unique skills at transforming marketing concepts and this way your message can get across and be accepted in a culturally appropriate way.

Interpreting Services

When it comes to translations in real time and critical information is exchanged, there’s no excuse for error. Omniage offers onsite, consecutive and simultaneous translation services in over 10 languages. Our interpretation services ensure you’ll never be at a loss for words.

Internationalization Services

Affirming a globally acceptable software application goes way beyond conceptualization and development. Before your software can be localized, it has to undergo a specialized internationalization process that makes it appropriate for other language versions without changing the core application. How we do it: Omniage works together with different partners in order to ensure large-scale internationalization services and thus help its customers optimize the release of demanding and challenging applications in multiple languages and markets.

Linguistic Quality Assurance

if a project is outsourced by the end client to a language service provider (LSP), most probably several different vendors will take part for the different stages of the product cycle. In such cases it’s quite a challenge to ensure proper quality control. How we do it: Omniage provides translation quality and testing to assure language quality. Our internal translation testing review process provides standardized language quality assurance for the whole localized content – thus making you feel safe about the localized products and more confident for the future.