Omniage Logo

What we believe in is what strives us forward in our work and what makes us connect with our peers, partners and customers. It’s not just about doing business, but a lot more than that. We believe it’s connections between people with common convictions and ideas that matter most and motivates them to expand their vision. One can never success on their own and when teamwork and unity is at hand, business could be driven to heights not ever envisaged.

For this reason we etablished standards in our work that convey the message of our personal beliefs on business level:


It’s the matter of keeping your confidentiality no matter what. We are committed to protecting your information – through secure servers, privacy certificates and encrypted transmissions.  Also, all of our in-house staff and external translation vendors and other partners are strictly bound by a confidentiality agreement.


Our work conforms to proven standards (EN 15038:2006), guaranteeing translations of the highest linguistic quality – no matter what the nature of the service and/or its scope is. We follow strict procedures for selection of new vendors and regularly control their quality and expertise. All working process are subject to documented and integrated quality procedures and are constantly monitored by our QA staff.

Omniage also uses project and translation memory systems (cloud- and server-based project and translation systems that builds translation and terminology databases and memories to facilitate future translations) and systematically uses and develops glossaries and style guides. This preserves the consistency of the language, style and terminology used during a long-term project and builds company know-how.